Thursday, 6 October 2011

Elle Fanning, Fashion's Favourite Star (Daily Beast Article)

Most 12 year olds are doing homework, wearing braces, and navigating the pressures of seventh grade. They’re not walking the red carpet, dazzling in Valentino, and working the crowded patio at Chateau Marmont. But that’s old hat to Elle Fanning, the 12-year-old star of Sofia Coppola’s new film, Somewhere, which opens Wednesday.

Fanning, little sister of Dakota, has been in the limelight for over a decade, appearing onscreen for the first time in I Am Sam at the ripe old age of 2. But this fall, she’s become veritable Hollywood royalty. She recently starred in The Nutcracker in 3D and is now shooting Steven Spielberg’s upcoming film Super 8. This month alone, The New York Times magazine called Fanning “exceptional,” Rodarte designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy chose her to be part of the Lula Magazine issue they guest-edited, and an eight-page spread in Interview magazine highlighted her poise and precocity.

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