Sunday, 12 February 2012

Stealing from Dakota!

Elle has been caught red handed by cameras borrowing her sister's clothes! Dakota was seen wearing Co-Op Barney's New York Ankle Work Boots, a Current/Elliott Studded Commander Jacket, and an Isabel Marant Spring 2010 Lurex Striped Skirt, all of which Elle has worn as well!

  • #1: Current/Elliott Studded Commander Jacket
When? 18 September 2010
Where? LAX 
With What? Grey skinny jeans, button up white blouse, and Dr. Marten oxfords. (more?)

  • #2: OP Barney's New York Ankle Work Boots
When? October 2010
Where? In a Franco Origila and various other photoshoots.
With What? A Dear Creatures blouse. (more?)

  • #3: Isabel Marant Spring 2010 Lurex Striped Skirt

When? 14 August 2011
Where? Leaving ballet class.
With What? Her ballet gear, Lanvin flats, and Cacharel Cutler & Gross sunnies. (more?)

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1 comment:

  1. I think that both Elle and Dakota rock these pieces because they look smiliar to each other as sisters but I think that Elle looks better in Dakota's skirt - it complements her black leotard !!